The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in 2001. Each batch of 60 students. The focus of this discipline is to understand electronic networks and equipment, electromagnetic fields, basic computer knowledge, communication and control systems. Electronic and communications engineering uses scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electronics to develop components, devices, systems, and equipment. It responds to the latest trends in communication technology through wired/wireless networks, circuit design and microcontrollers.


The total number of personnel in this department is 06. The department is guided by experienced faculty and aims to educate and train students in the ECE field. Infrastructure and laboratory facilities will be upgraded from time to time to provide students and researchers with sufficient opportunities for learning and innovation. There are 3 well-equipped laboratories with the latest equipment and software facilities. The laboratory includes electronics and communications laboratory, instrument laboratory, digital and microcontroller laboratory, and VLSI and embedded laboratory. Regularly conduct unit tests, and guide and motivate students to perform at their best. Get feedback from students regularly. In addition to academic value-added courses, in order to improve their knowledge level, the courses cover the latest developments and trends in the field of communication.