The Chairman’s Message

Shri.P.Chinnappa Gounder

Founder Chairman 

The Karur Polytechnic College, Karur



The Karur Polytechnic College, Karur

As we move from the century of specialization and technology to the century of connectivity and relationships, as well as all other professions and institutions in our society. Technical education is also required to prove its usefulness to society. Our college aims to serve all communities by instilling the lofty values ​​of students’ thinking, courtesy, discipline, courtesy, tolerance and culture, and instilling the spirit of leadership qualities.

Our mission is to spread high-quality technical education among young people and to instill values ​​and ethics. Our faculty, research, teaching and services reflect TKPT core assets. In view of the globalization of the Indian economy and the succumbing of the Indian brand, future leaders must be aware of ground reality so that they can be confident about the global challenges that are emerging in the international market.